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How To Break Out Of a Dreaded Employment Cycle

 Breaking the Employment Cycle: Mikayla's Story of Finding Confidence and Landing Her Dream Job 

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Are you stuck in a cycle of unfulfilling jobs? Do you dream of pursuing your passions but feel trapped? Mikayla's story is an inspiring example of how career coaching can help you break free and find fulfillment.

From Mortgage Worker to Thriving Entrepreneur

Mikayla, from Northeast Wisconsin, found herself stuck in a typical situation. While her mortgage industry job provided stability, it didn't ignite her passions. She dreamt of becoming her own boss, launching a dog collar business, and reviving her professional photography career. However, a recurring cycle of starting new jobs that ultimately left her unfulfilled kept her feeling stuck.

Taking Control: Investing in Herself

Many people hesitate to invest in career coaching due to financial concerns. Mikayla was no exception. However, after discussing her options with her supportive husband, they recognized the program as an investment in her future. This decision became the turning point in her career journey.

The Power of Group Coaching

One of the program's most impactful aspects for Mikayla was the group coaching format. Surrounded by like-minded individuals facing similar challenges, she discovered a supportive community. Sharing experiences and insights fostered a sense of belonging and helped Mikayla realize she wasn't alone. The group setting also offered valuable networking opportunities and diverse perspectives, expanding her professional circle.

Tangible Results: From Feeling Burnt Out to Landing a Dream Job

Mikayla's journey through the program yielded impressive results. Within six months, she achieved the following:

  • Strategic Career Move: Leveraging her newfound clarity, Mikayla made a strategic lateral move within her current company, aligning her work with her long-term goals.
  • Mastering Advocacy: The program equipped Mikayla with the skills to navigate challenging work situations. She confidently advocated for her needs, even making her first-ever counteroffer, a success that empowered her.
  • Harmonizing Passions: Mikayla discovered a way to combine her love for animals with her photography skills by focusing on pet photography, revitalizing her photography business.

Taking Action to Break the Cycle

Feeling burnt out and stuck in a cycle, Mikayla decided to take charge. Her newfound confidence and clarity led her on a job search focused on flexibility, a key factor for her entrepreneurial aspirations. Her efforts were quickly rewarded with a new job offer that perfectly aligned with her bigger picture:

  • Dream Job Secured: The new position allowed her to work from home, saving her six hours of commuting time, which she could dedicate to launching her dog collar business and relaunching her photography business. This newfound flexibility allowed her to pursue her passions while maintaining financial stability.
  • Negotiation Success: She successfully negotiated a 15% salary increase with her new employer, a testament to the power of self-advocacy and the skills she gained through the program.
  • Walking Away with Confidence: Mikayla's newfound self-belief was evident when she confidently turned down a competing job offer from her current employer. This decision reflected her commitment to a future aligned with her goals.
    Empowered Growth Beyond Just Jobs

Mikayla's journey wasn't just about external achievements; it was also a journey of remarkable personal growth. She discovered the joy of supporting and connecting with her peers during group calls. These interactions fostered her development and positively impacted others within the program. Additionally, Mikayla surprised herself with her newfound confidence in advocating for her needs. She learned to make critical decisions aligned with her goals, leaving her previous job on good terms, starkly contrasting past experiences.

Looking Ahead: A Bright Future Filled with Passion

Mikayla is excited about her new work-from-home job, which allows her to pursue her entrepreneurial dreams. With renewed energy and a clear vision, she's laser-focused on relaunching her photography business and launching her dog collar business. Her journey is a testament to the power of taking action and investing in yourself.

Are You Ready to Break the Cycle?

If you resonate with Mikayla's story and feel stuck in a career rut, don't hesitate! Consider career coaching as a way to find fulfillment and achieve your goals. Just like Mikayla, you, too, can take control of your career path. Contact me today for a free 15-minute consultation to explore how we can work together to turn your dream job into reality.

Watch our video Interview:

Remember, you have the power to break the cycle and find fulfillment. Take action, feel the fear, and do it anyway!

In Mikayla's words:

I thought having a career coach was more of a want, but it was more of a need. Because of that, I grew so much as an individual and prioritized myself and my future. There was so much wealth to gain from making this move. 

I was unclear about the big picture and what I ultimately wanted. I felt I was spinning in the same cycle career/employment-wise. I felt chronic burnout and wanted to end that cycle. The most significant results I achieved in the program are a lateral career shift where I will work from home (a huge goal!), successfully negotiate a higher salary, have the confidence to turn down one job offer and increase mental wealth. I could unlock potential and self-growth that I didn’t think I had in me. Being in the program and having a career coach have positively impacted me. I now have clarity on the bigger picture and what I ultimately want. This wealth of knowledge and experience gained is unmatched. I can balance my life more efficiently and make intentional decisions that align with my goals personally and professionally."

What do you envision celebrating in your career in the next six months?

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