How To Break Out Of a Dreaded Employment Cycle


Have you been spinning your wheels in the same cycle employment-wise? Have you ever lost sight of the big picture and what you are striving towards?

That's how Mikayla felt, and she was done feeling burnt out in her job. She then decided to do something about it and end the cycle. Six months after making that decision, she is celebrating three big wins:

  1. First, she just landed a new job aligned with her bigger picture - working from home, saving six hours of commuting time so she can work on relaunching her photography and building a dog collar business.
  2. She successfully negotiated a 15% salary increase with her new employer (a first for her!).
  3. She had the confidence to turn down a competing job offer from her current employer. 

Watch our video interview to get inspired and learn the steps Mikayla took to get to this place of freedom and confidence. 

When I asked Mikayla about one surprising thing that came from the program that she wasn't expecting, she shared, "Having a career coach is something I thought was more of a want but turned out to be more of a need. Because of that, I grew so much as an individual and prioritized myself and my future. There was so much wealth to gain from making this move." 

In Mikayla's words:

I was unclear about the big picture and what I ultimately wanted. I felt I was spinning in the same cycle career/employment-wise. I felt chronic burnout and wanted to end that cycle. The most significant results I achieved in the program are a lateral career shift where I will be working from home (a huge goal!), successfully negotiating a higher salary, the confidence to turn down one job offer, and increased mental wealth. I could unlock potential and self-growth that I didn’t think I had in me. Being in the program and having a career coach have positively impacted me. I now have clarity on the bigger picture and what I ultimately want. This wealth of knowledge and experience gained is unmatched. I can balance my life more efficiently and make intentional decisions that align with my goals personally and professionally."

What do you envision celebrating in your career in the next six months?

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