Cynthia and Kori Purpose Driven Career Case Study Interview

How To Fast Track An Internal Promotion And Raise


When Cynthia reached out for support, her goal was ultimately to feel happy, motivated, and respected at work. She wanted the freedom to be herself in her day-to-day and make enough money to feel comfortable and spend a little extra on herself. 

She wanted to move away from a similar job cycle and constantly second-guessing herself. She wanted to clarify her next career chapter, whether staying on her current career path or schooling. 

What did that look like in reality? She didn’t know.

Here is Cynthia's story:

I am now a Marketing Coordinator for a beauty company doing partnerships with influencers and celebrities.

When I began this program, I went back and forth between customer service positions and bartending. I was going from job to job doing the same thing, not expanding on my career, and not even sure what I wanted to do with it.

I was bartending on the side and was focused on the money from bartending. I also have a side hustle doing makeup. That seemed enough, at least for a while, until I started feeling pretty miserable in my professional life. I had been struggling with that since I left school in 2017. I found myself in 2020 still doing the same thing.

Looking Internally Before Making External Decisions

The most impactful part of doing the program was the internal work. Being a professional, I never necessarily looked internally to see what makes me feel happy and what makes me feel fulfilled in my personal life. So once we started looking into the things that I enjoyed and the things that make me feel fulfilled, I was able to take those and apply them to what I could do in a professional sense.

There was a gap before that I didn't even think was possible to fill: to align my personal and professional life. So many people, including myself, believe, "I love doing this passion of mine, but I can't do that, so I have to be miserable over here in my job." Instead, the personal work helped my professional life and improved my personal life. 

How To Gain Career Clarity Into What's Next

I found this customer service job through a tweet about a temp position, and later, they brought me on full-time. I knew I liked the company I worked for and didn't want to leave. But, I wanted to shift somewhere else. 

After we did a few exercises around skills and passions, we started identifying roles that may interest me. Then, I began to network and reach out to specific people in the company for coffee meetings and talk about what they do, what it would take to be somebody in that position, and what they look for experience-wise.

Cynthia's Strategy To Get An Internal Promotion 

We then started to identify and record small bits of success stories within my customer service role. By the time my mid-year review rolled around, I could present that information confidently and then use that as leverage to ask for a raise and then from the raise to a promotion. 

The results I achieved within the program were my new position at the company I am working for! I've never been in a situation where I am doing something that I want to be doing. In addition, my new salary is more than I've ever made, even with multiple jobs!  

To get there, we created a strategy, and over time, doors opened for me. I was getting on the Slack channel and being very active because I was trying to get more visibility at the company, and people were getting to know me. So when this opportunity came, I got on it immediately, set up the meeting, and applied.

I had to do one exam, a marketing project, and four interviews. I used The Collective, a networking agency I launched after doing the passions exercise in the program, as leverage in my interviews which helped me get the promotion!

Later I found out that it was close to 20 people internally who applied for the position, and I got it. It was a process. But in the grand scheme, it happened much faster for me than if I had never gone through this process because I knew what I wanted, went for it, and put 110 percent of my energy into it. 

Cynthia's Next Career Chapter

In the beginning, I was thinking more like, am I returning to school? Am I going to find a career I like and apply for different jobs? But instead, it's been fantastic to see how my passions and background fused. I have bartending experience, I love the nightlife and the socializing, and it's all merged with The Collective, my future dream career.

The Collective is for freelancers to have a space for networking and a place to share and use each other for whatever they need for their artistic needs. I will continue to organize events. Eventually, I want to own a restaurant or a bar and have that space for networking in person. I even started looking for physical spaces. I wasn't expecting this aspect of myself to emerge!

What's next for me is I'm settling into my new role as the Marketing Coordinator. Even though there isn't any formal training in the new position, I'll gradually gain responsibility. Outside of work, I've picked up more private makeup clients and have more clients now than I had last year! In addition, I've got The Collective, and it just feels great to have created multiple income streams. 

And I'll keep working on improving myself and my health, which I wasn't paying much attention to before because I was so focused on getting a new job and not going in-depth and doing the work behind it.

Reflections On Making the Big Decision To Invest 

A few things nearly held me back from doing the program. First, the financial aspect was something on my mind. I needed to make more money, but the investment had already paid off. So, that's something that I would do again. And then the time aspect. I had the time, but by 5 pm, I wanted to be done for the day and shut down my computer. I didn't have anything productive to do, but it was more like, was I going to take it seriously enough? I was nervous that I would get frustrated, give up and go back to bartending because I had no idea what I wanted to do. But then I saw my weekly progress, which tore down those fears.

Cynthia's Words Of Advice

Anyone considering joining, I would say do it, especially if you're unsure or you're in a place where you thought you wanted a specific career and then turned out not to be it. Sometimes you need guidance and hear another opinion that's not your parents telling you that "you need to get a real job." That drove me crazy. I thought I was content bartending and doing customer service jobs. Still, I didn't feel fulfilled, so if something is missing, it doesn't hurt, and you're going to find something about yourself or your professional life that you didn't know was there as you're constantly changing and growing.

Watch Cynthia's Interview 

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