How to Successfully Ask for a Raise

How to Successfully Ask for a Raise

Let’s face it: We all want to make more money. We might have ambition or want to take on more projects. Or we might want to be rewarded for loyalty or completing a big project on time and under budget.

But having those difficult conversations of asking for a raise can be trickier. It’s hard to broach the concept of money with management, particularly because you might not be sure what your flexibility in numbers is and you might not be sure what kind of options exist. 

One thing to do is research — to figure out what your profession pays people. You also need to figure out what’s stopping you from asking for a raise. For some people, they just aren’t comfortable with the conversation. Some think they might be termed pushy. Or perhaps its lack of confidence, self doubt or maybe they just haven’t taken the time to sit down and reflect and analyze what they’ve accomplished in their role up to this point.

So how can you get over your worries and instead ask for (and get) the raise you deserve? This graphic offers some ideas.