Mastering Networking: 5 Secrets To Rock Informational Interviews

Mastering Networking: 5 Secrets to Rock Informational Interviews

Discover the Secret to Landing Your Dream Job: The Power of Informational Interviews! In today's competitive job market, making the right connections can be the ultimate game-changer for your career. Imagine engaging in relaxed and meaningful conversations with professionals in your desired field, gaining valuable insights, and unlocking exciting opportunities. Say goodbye to nerve-wracking job interviews, and hello to the world of informational interviews! This blog post is a must-read if you're ready to take control of your career trajectory and make meaningful connections. Learn five essential tips to master the art of informational interviews and unleash your full potential in the job market. Click "Read More" and embark on a journey of discovery and growth, opening doors you never knew existed!

In today's competitive job market, making meaningful connections and fostering relationships can make all the difference in your career journey, regardless of where you are professionally or the phase of life or season you find yourself in.

Among the many tools available, informational interviews stand out as a powerful and effective way to expand your professional network while gaining valuable insights. Unlike traditional job interviews, which may be nerve-wracking and high-pressure, informational interviews offer a more relaxed and candid environment. They provide a unique opportunity to engage in one-on-one conversations with professionals in your field of interest, allowing you to explore various career paths, seek advice, and establish meaningful connections.

For many, kickstarting a networking strategy can be intimidating, especially if you're entering a new job search or considering unfamiliar career paths. Doubts and questions may arise: "How do I approach someone for an informational interview? Will they be willing to share their experiences and insights with me?" Rest assured, you're not alone in these feelings, and I'm here to help you confidently navigate this process.

Let's draw inspiration from a remarkable success story shared during our weekly mastermind career coaching calls. Our client realized her current job needed to align with her aspirations, so she proactively leveraged her personal and professional network. She crafted a strategic email, clearly expressing her career goals and intentions, which led to securing five informational interviews. These interviews, in turn, presented her with exciting opportunities for her next career move. This inspiring tale highlights the power of strategic networking and the potential impact of informational interviews on your career trajectory.

To help you master the art of informational interviews, here are five essential tips:

  1. Clarify Your Objectives: Before reaching out to professionals for informational interviews, take some time to define your specific goals and what you hope to gain from these conversations. Identify your career aspirations, the industries, dream companies, or job roles you want to explore, and the companies or organizations you'd like to know more about. Clear objectives will enable you to structure your questions effectively and maximize the interviewee's knowledge and experience.
  2. Leverage Your Existing Network: Tap personal and professional contacts for potential informational interviews. Reach out to them, sharing your career interests and goals, and kindly ask if they can connect you with individuals willing to share their experiences and insights. Remember, don't discount anybody in your network, even if they aren't directly related to your desired field. You'd be surprised how interconnected professional circles can be! And remember to utilize LinkedIn as a valuable tool to expand your reach and find potential interviewees.
  3. Do Your Research: Before each informational interview, take the time to research the person you'll be speaking with. Look into their professional background on LinkedIn, social media platforms, and conduct Google searches. Familiarize yourself with their current roles, relevant projects, and accomplishments. This research will enable you to ask more targeted and meaningful questions during the interview, demonstrating your genuine interest and engagement.
  4. Prepare Thoughtful Questions: Compile a well-thought-out list of questions that align with your objectives and the information you want to gather. Inquire about the interviewee's career journey, the challenges they've encountered, the valuable lessons they've learned, and any advice they have for someone in your shoes. Additionally, consider formulating questions that align with your values, helping you assess whether the company's culture and your skillset are a good fit.
  5. Embrace the Conversation: Unlike formal job interviews, informational interviews are meant to be relaxed and conversational. This is your opportunity to let your personality shine and build rapport with this person. Show genuine interest in what they share, practice active listening, and engage in meaningful dialogue. After the interview, remember to express your gratitude for their time and insights by sending a personalized thank-you email or note within 24-48 hours.


As you venture into the world of informational interviews, remember the story of Laura, another participant in our mastermind group, a hiring manager for a TV production house. Laura often receives informational requests through LinkedIn and professional referrals. She sees these interviews as a great chance to meet potential candidates, even if she's not hiring. These encounters also help her identify talents for other departments within the company. So, embrace these relaxed conversations and let your personality shine, leaving a memorable and positive impression.

By leveraging your network and following these tips, you can confidently approach informational interviews and unlock opportunities and insights. Remember that even though you may not be meeting with hiring managers directly, these conversations can offer a wealth of knowledge and networking opportunities that can shape your career path. Embrace the power of clarity, gratitude, and active listening, as they will be your secret weapons to make the most out of each informational interview.

So, don't hesitate—reach out, prepare diligently, and embark on a journey of discovery and growth through informational interviews. 

If you need support, book a free 15-minute brainstorming session to determine how I can help you. 

Wishing you the best of luck as you explore new horizons and expand your professional horizons!


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