WTF are Visualizations and Affirmations

WTF are Visualizations and Affirmations

Recently a client was very skeptical about doing visualizations and affirmations to get results.

She asked me, ‘why are they important when setting new goals’?

I totally get the skepticism and she’s not the only one, but…

You have proof from your own life. You’ve used these techniques without probably knowing it.
Think of a time when you really wanted something and then accomplished it?

What did you do?

If I had to guess…

…you had a clear vision, pure focus, a positive mindset, really wanted itfelt it and no one was going to stand in your way of achieving it.

That’s it.

When you have a clear goal or are creating a new one, visualizing and affirming are techniques and a practice to keep you in the mindset to achieve it.

They counteract inner-critics, change negative thoughts into positive ones, create new pathways in the brain and increase your vibration to attract situations and people into your life that supports your goal.

Have a story on how affirmations and visualizations have helped you achieve something awesome? Please share in the comments section below.


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