7 Beauty Secrets Crush Interviews

7 Beauty Secrets to Crush Your Dream Job Interview

7 Beauty Secrets To Help You Feel Confident From Within

Before stepping into your new dream job, think about how to step into it as confidently as possible.  I always recommend mindfully checking in and asking yourself, "how do I feel on the inside and out"?

And who better to ask for beauty advice than Candi Sterling, Founder of Candi Marie Beauty? Candi delivers exquisite beauty experiences that promote confidence, rejuvenation, and self-care. She specializes in bespoke beauty and creates custom cosmetics that match skin tones while supporting skin health.

I asked Candi for a few tips on feeling confident and powerful when stepping into your next dream job.

She shared that "similar to your skill set, your beauty brand is unique" and said, "Over the years, I've seen women feel most empowered when they have a personal connection and a strong sense of pride about their outer image. That is one of the reasons why I love connecting my clients to quality products and guiding them in developing a beauty routine that is truly based on their wants, desires, and lifestyle."

Are you curious about what her inner and outer beauty guidance specifically entails? She opened up about her client process and shared insights on what she found to have helped her and her clients.

Here are Candi's 7 Beauty Secrets To Help You Feel Confident From Within


#1 Visualize Your Success

First, envision what she looks like and how she moves through her day. How does she feel, and what does she need to be at her best? This is where mindset and personal growth work come into play. Getting clear on who you want to become paves the way for making this your new reality. This is my initial step whenever I embark on a new initiative or venture, and I have seen this exercise help others open up to new possibilities.  

#2 Create a Vision Board for Your Power Look

This is where you have a little fun and shamelessly dive into Pinterest or your favorite style magazine. No matter how you do it (online or with scissors and glue), take some time and create a vision board that captures beautiful looks that align with your future success. What looks good to you? The only rule is that everything you include should inspire you.

#3 Conduct a Lifestyle Audit

Given today's ubiquitous healthy living movement, it's no secret that beauty begins within. However, most women's challenge is figuring out where they should specifically focus their efforts. Whenever I have this conversation with my clients, we always begin by analyzing their movements throughout the day, from dawn until night. Ask yourself honestly if you care for yourself in the most optimal way possible. Think about food, water, sleep, and exercise… What areas of self-care need more attention in your life? More importantly, what can you do about it?

#4 Love Your Skin: The Foundation of Your Confidence

​​Your face is your #1 branding asset; we're only born with one. This is why skin gets its spotlight in the personal care department. A common misconception is that skincare routines are feel-good pampering rituals… and there is nothing wrong with that! However, it does go much deeper than what one might first assume. For example, are you protecting yourself from environmental stresses daily? For women changing careers, it's also important to consider how the physical environment related to their new career path might impact their skin or health. At a minimum, make a habit of cleansing, toning, and moisturizing daily with products compatible with your skin type.

#5 Update Your Beauty Toolkit

Like pantry items that have survived the last decade, expired makeup can happen to anyone…  but don't fret. Instead, consider this time (while shifting in your professional life) the ideal moment to freshen up your makeup bag and dump old products. It won't take long, and the truth is told,  this activity should occur regularly as makeup expires throughout the year. During this process, cleaning makeup brushes, throwing out old disposable applicators, and cleaning the overall space where you store your care items is essential.

#6 Find Your Power Color

Now that your old beauty items are gone, it's time to explore new products and play with new shades — some of which may be on the beauty vision board you previously made. Power makeup colors are unique because they instantaneously boost (that's right) power. Maybe it's that fantastic customized foundation that perfectly captures "you" in a bottle, or perhaps it is a bold lip color that says you mean business. For some women, it's well-manicured nails; for others, it's that perfect loose powder that instantly adds the right touch of color in all the right places. No matter what it is, this is where you can step outside of your comfort zone and stock up on something classic or try something new.

#7 Embrace the Power of Beauty Affirmations

As you move through this process, you will start to see a difference in your reflection and feel more confident as you move forward into your new career. Throughout this journey, powerful beauty affirmations will enhance your experience and build you to believe in yourself. These beauty affirmations could be anything that empowers you!

  • "I am beautiful today."
  • "This is the lipstick color of a woman ready to take over the world!" 
  • "This is the skin of an award-winning fitness guru!"  

Learn it, say it, and believe it. Then, with the right attitude, you will be ready to step out and face the next challenge that comes your way, and you're set up to rock not only your first day but the first 90 days and beyond!

About Candi Sterling

Candi Sterling founded the women's growth website On Her Mission. As a female entrepreneur, she aims to help women live confidently.

Known for her lifestyle and image consulting expertise, she is a public speaker and beauty industry professional with an eclectic interdisciplinary background in journalism, the performing arts, and information science. Her lifestyle brands serve as a powerful platform to empower women through beauty and online education.

She co-leads a Connecticut-based Believe Inspire Grow chapter and is a 2019 Ms. International candidate. Explore her journey and endeavors at wwwcandisterling.com

I hope these tips help you radiate confidence and succeed in your new role!

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