What To Do When You Don't Get Along With Your Boss


In today's video, I am talking about one of the many reasons you are stuck in your career and what to do about it when you hear yourself say:


"I don't get along with my boss". 

Not getting along with your boss can make your 9-5 feel miserable.


There are several reasons why this might be happening.


It could be a personality clash, or maybe they lack people skills, are hot-tempered, like to work you to the bone, or it could come down to their management leadership style.


Do you know which management leadership style best suits your work style and personality? 


Most early-career professionals I’ve asked haven’t thought about it, let alone know the ten different management styles out there.


Do you hate having your work checked frequently and constantly observed, corrected, and micromanaged? If so, you probably wouldn’t do best under autocratic (or authoritarian)  leadership.


Do you like to work independently and have a manager who trusts your skills and creative instincts? Then you might thrive with a manager who has a laissez-faire leadership style.  


Do you like collaboration, coming to conclusions and decisions together, and where your opinions are heard and taken into consideration? Then you’d probably prefer a democratic and coaching leadership style.


The first thing is to understand how you prefer how you want to be managed and which leadership style works best for you. 


For example, your boss is a micromanager (autocratic), and you prefer a more collaborative situation (democratic), but your boss wants to see your work before the end of every day to give feedback, and usually, it's nitpicky. This makes you feel self-conscious, stifled and mistrusted. You need more space to work on a project for a few days before presenting your work for input and feedback. 


Once you are clear, develop solutions to improve your working relationship with your current boss. 


Continuing with the example, one solution to present is that you'd prefer every other day instead of daily check-ins. You've realized that you work best with space to dive into the project to research and plan. And with that extra time, you would feel more creative and confident when presenting your work.


Once you've got a few solutions, schedule a meeting with them to discuss your ideas which will help the two of you work more cohesively, ideally benefiting the rest of the team and even the company.


Take note of what happens over the next few weeks. If things change for the better, then great! If things don’t change much, take time to analyze why and set up a meeting with your boss again to make the necessary adjustments. 


If all else fails, look at this as a career development opportunity where you've taken the initiative and developed your communication skills, and have a clearer understanding of what to look out for in your next boss. 


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